Which printer should I choose?/We recommend EPSON ECO TANK series, models L310, L1110, L3050 Which paper should I use to print the copy?/We recommend only the thermotransfer paper Does Stencil Print Ink trigger alergies?/No allergies have been reported, it is very safe What is the printing efficiency?/According to the printer’s specification, over 1500 units How does it compare with a thermal printer?/thermal printer 2400 – 3000 PLN (sugeruje konwersje do waluty kraju gdzie jedziesz na konwent)paper 500 sheets – 1000 PLN/100 units – 200PLN Stencil Printer InkEco tank printer – 780 PLNInk – 600 PLNthermotransfer paper 500 sheets – 169PLN What is the print quality?/720dpi, thermal printer offers 420p at most How to wash a copy?/Use a skin sanitizer, for example Ethaproben What are the benefits of using Stencil Printer Ink?/No time is wasted on manual making of a copy. Stencil offers more precision and higher quality of details, offering a better end result. The client can always determine whether the project meets his or her expectations.  Which cosmetics should I use to make a copy?/Balmtattoo – copying gelStencill Stuff and Stencil SprayForte Stencil SolutionElecturn Tattoo Stencil Is it possible to make a dettol copy?NO Can I mix regular ink with Stencil Printer Ink?/No, it will damage the print head Can I use Stencil Printer ink after removing regular ink?/Yes, in an EcoTank printer, after a thorough cleaning of the old ink How to fill printer cartridges using Stencil Printer Ink?Fill each cartridge with Stencil Printer Ink. Fill the color cartidges slightly above the minimum level and the black cartridge to the brim. Do I need to use the copy straight after printing?No, it can be used even a few weeks after printing. Is there a warranty for flooding a printer with Stencil Printer Ink?/Every printer is covered by a warranty if original inks are used. We treat every case individually and will be happy to offer you a solution. How do printed copies compare with handmade copies in terms of costs?/Paper for hand copying costs around 2PLN per sheet, 500 sheets – 1000PLN Do you offer samples?/For technical reasons, no. We will be happy to provide you with free test prints, though.